PSD to HTML conversion and a subsequent CMS integration seems to be the web development solution of the present age. It allows the designers to exercise a strong creative control over the aesthetics of the website and yet gives the most envious and coveted web friendly features to the website, such as cross browser compatibility, SEO semantic coding, pixel perfection and W3C validation. It doesn’t matter if your design is destined for a large or small company website, you may find that you are regularly required to prototype a website in Photoshop before actually moving to the design phase. There are lots of benefits to this process. As a designer, you don’t have to edit, cut, save as, upload via FTP, and update the HTML. Instead, you can just make a few changes, save the design, and email the resulting changes to the client. But for all the early gains that building and quickly iterating a PSD can provide, the back end of the design project can be a real time killer. Taking your PSD design to HTML can be very time intensive. Worse, it may be that your design doesn’t function as a website without major work.


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